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Complete Done-For-You

Employee Retention Credit
Referral Partnership.

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Disclaimer: There is absolutely zero cost to work with us, we will never try to sell you or anyone you refer anything, ever.

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What Happens Next?

3 Steps Take To Make Our Partnership Successful
1. Review and Sign your Referral Partner agreement.

Our Team will send you our Referral Partner agreement, please e-sign ASAP.

If you don't see the email in your inbox, check in your spam folder.

2. Review the Material and Program.

Our team provides you with all the marketing materials and resources you need to understand this program. Make sure you understand it, so if you ever need to sound like an expert, you are prepared. If you don't fully grasp something, please call us so we can help you.​

3. Start promoting your business!

Within 48 hours, We will generate your custom landing page. You will be able to promote this unique website in your personal marketing/social networks. All submissions through your website will tag your name automatically into our system. You will have full visibility of all contacts submitted through your unique site via our shared insights reporting.

4. Have Personal Relationships?

If you personally have a rolodex of business owners that you would like to set up with ERC immediately..

***Put your info at the top, clients at the bottom.***

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Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help With
Employee Retention Credits


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